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Century Pines Resort
Cameron Highlands Pahang, Malaysia

Harmony at the Highlands

The Century Pines Resort knows a thing or two about harmony. It blends style, nature, and affordability to create a setting that’s serene and romantic, as well as carefree and revitalizing.

Set in the balmy lushness of Malaysia’s Cameron Highlands, the resort is distinctive with its Tudor-inspired gables and sandstone design. This colonial feel is complemented by facilities that are both pleasant and modern, achieving the age-old desire for comfort.

Relax…have fun. There’s no other place more inviting and refreshing to do all this than at Century Pines. Reserve Now.

Century Pines Resort - Room

The Cosy Confines of Your Private Getaway

Snuggle up in one of our guestrooms. The modest and low-key designs give the limelight to the room amenities, exemplifying the resort’s focus on comfort. Each accommodation also has a balcony that welcomes the cool outdoors. Relish the view while you lie back in a comfy king-size bed. Details

Century Pines Resort - Facilities

Delightful Diversions

The windswept highlands have a lot to offer, from stunning vistas to hillside adventures. But for those who want to stay put and unwind, the resort has its own set of choices for leisure, recreation, even events. We have a restaurant, conference room, pub, and more. Details